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Richard, my older brother, sent me four sets of lineage charts tracing the family’s origins [on my mother’s side] to a least four passengers on the Mayflower. They  have been certified by the Mayflower Society. Apparently Mother’s side of the family tree has also been traced to three other passengers but those lineages have yet to be taken through the certification process. The research was done by cousins Alan and David Wright.

When I tried to scan the original charts to create GIFs, the end product was at best barely readable so I decided to recreate them in Power Point (PPT). Each set is comprised of three slides which have been posted in chronological order from left to right. On each slide the names of our direct descendants are boldfaced.

Important Note: The thumbnails are unreadable but when clicked upon display full screen PPT slides. Anyone, especially descendants, interested in having a modifiable copy of the original 12 Slide Power Point presentation can download it using the following hyperlink: Mayflower PPT Presentation.

Out of curiosity I checked Wikipedia.org [English] and was delighted to see everyone’s name on the passenger list. Listed as members of the Leiden, Holland congregation, William Brewster and his wife originally came  from Doncaster, Yorkshire while John and Joan Tilley resided in Henlow, Bedfordshire.  Stephen Hopkins, a planter by profession, was recruited to join the assembly by the Merchant Adventurers, a commercial enterprise, to provide the governance for the colony as well as assist with the colony’s ventures. Lastly, there is John Howland who Wiki indicates emanated from Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire  at the age of 21. On the voyage and for a time thereafter he served as an indentured manservant for Governor John Carver. All of the men were signatories of the Mayflower Compact.

It wasn’t until I started examining the aforementioned Wiki reference that I noticed the names of each of these  ancestors is hyperlinked to an accompanying, rather extensive, biographic sketch which makes interesting reading.

I should make mention that everyone’s name on these charts has been certified save for my daughters and me. I guess the process involves little more than a birth certificate, application, and filing fee and my brother Richard has offered to help be take care of that. If and when it’s done, I’ll amend these remarks.

Set 1

This first set traces the family back to Stephen Hopkins and Elizabeth Fisher.

Set 2

This second set traces our ancestry back to John Tilley and Joan Rodgers.

Set 3

The third set traces the family back to John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley.

Set 4

The final set traces the family’s roots back to William Brewster and a woman only identified as Mary.


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The scary house in Bangor

I was too young to recall visiting Mom’s parents, our grandparents, in Bangor but Richard wasn’t. He sent me this a few weeks ago.


Grandfather and grandmother Wright lived on French Street in Bangor. Stephen King, the scary book author, rented  and wrote there for several years. Cousin Alan discovered this quite by accident when he found the French Street house listed in the credits in one of King’s books.

I always thought this house was kind of spooky. We were never permitted to enter the front parlor and the third floor and attic above that was just plain scary. Plus grandfather used to shave with a straight razor and had that long leather strap which we were certain he would put to our bottoms if we misbehaved.

Then, too, was the basement where grandfather crafted the several sailing ship models. I had fun there as I was able to make small boats, etc. I have the Helen B. Scott ship that he carved there. It needs substantial repair which I intend to attend to given the time to do it.

This was Mom’s home when she married Dad. Also, while not many of their adventures were ever shared, Uncle Clair and Dad were best friends. I think this relationship came before Mom and Dad became an item.

We stayed there the summer the Chrysler joined the family. Cousin David lived at the end of the block toward the north on the opposite side of the street on the corner. I remember visiting him there when he was recovering from appendicitis. 


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This just in from my brother, Richard.

‘Were you invited to George Bush’s inaguration ball? You should have been and I think you should let George know just how disappointed you are with this oversight. After all, you are his 7th cousin once removed. It all started with Jabez Wood who is one of your Mayflower lineage ancestors.”

See Proof Positive: Cousin George PDF


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